Saturday, September 17, 2011

FoR You...

today, 17.9.2011..genap la 22 thn umur sorng budak ney, yg bernama Nur Anis Farhana Bt. Mad Nor!!!!
kyaaaa!!! happy b'day to u..saengil chukahammida!!!! hahaha..
wish u = semoga pjg umo n murah rezeki n gud luck for everything!
korng msti sume nk tao sape diew kn..meh cney nk tnjk pic diew..

                               ney diew! our b'day girl!! hee~
pdn la sronok sgt nk balik umah kn..rupe2 nyer, b'day diew ari ney! haha~
last but not least..

               we wish u hepy b'dayy!!!!!! saranghaeyo~~~ hikhik!


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